Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Forced Feminization - By two lesbians

I had never been keen on Rebecca. We had a mutual friend, Alice, and I thought she’d always had a bad influence on her. They were both lesbians; Alice had always been easier to talk to and we’d always felt  we had quite a lot in common. Rebecca however, had a mischievous and even quite an aggressive streak in her and constantly encouraged Alice to “mess around” (as Rebecca called it). To me it was usually just cruel jibes and behaving badly in public. 

The opportunity to spend a weekend away with the two of them didn’t really appeal. It had originally just been Alice and me - we were going on a city break to get us some culture. But no, Rebecca had to muscle in on the idea too and so it made sense for us to hire an apartment for the duration. I secretly hoped that it would make it easier for Rebecca to just go back when she got bored, but come the trip, of course, it became obvious that her plan was more to hang around and interfere. 

After a day and a half of trudging around museums and old buildings, far from showing signs of leaving us be, in fact she turned her attentions to Alice instead. She was constantly leaning in close to her and whispering in her ear, distracting Alice and making her giggle. They both contantly flagged and asked to go for a drink and have a break. My patience was wearing thin and my displeasure at Rebecca’s attitude evidently showed. 

Sitting in one bar, with Alice off to order food, Rebecca and I sat in silence. She stared at me with her deep blue eyes with that slightly devilish smile across her lips. “Not quite the weekend you’d hoped for?” she asked. “No, it’s fine,” I said in an unintentionally clipped tone. “She won’t fuck you, you know, she’s gay for fuck’s sake.” I paused so as to not let the immediate rise of irritation get the better of me. “I never thought she would fuck me Rebecca, I simply wanted to spend some time with an old friend doing the things we used to do before.” “Before what?” asked Rebecca. “Before..  nothing, it was just a turn of phrase, it didn’t mean anything.” “Before she started to break away and explore herself more is what you meant.” I just looked back at her, tiring of her games. “I think,” she said leaning over the table conspiratorially, “that you should try doing the same. Might loosen you up a bit, help you discover who you are. Maybe you‘ll find that you‘re more like…. well, like Alice.” The devilish smile broke into full on taunting. 

As much as I desperately wanted to ask her what she was talking about, I was equally glad that Alice came back to join us. I had no intention of letting her see that I was rattled by her comment. As we walked around in the afternoon, her words went round and round my mind though. She was wrong when she implied that I had wanted to come away with Alice to fuck her. That gave me all the excuse I needed to fume over Rebecca and insist that she was categorically wrong. But occasionally her words about being more like Alice would filter through. I had always identified with her. But that was fine wasn’t it? This is the 21st century for fuck’s sake, couldn’t men and women be friends? I admired Alice for her intellect and grace, her wit and shrewdness. But I also took note of her style, the clothes she wore, the lipsticks she chose and the way she wore her hair. In particular I liked the way her perfume would still be on my clothes after we met up. It felt like she’d left a little mark of her style on me. But I liked to femininity of it, the way it made me feel. But how the hell would Rebecca know about that? She’s was just trying to get at me. 

The rest of the day and evening went by  pretty much the same. Rebecca gave me knowing glances. Alice was taken in by her every word and challenge to cause disruption. Watching the two of them giggling together made me feel uncomfortable and worried. I hoped that Rebecca wasn’t sharing her misguided observations with Alice. 

Back at the apartment however, a few bottles of wine later, I started to relax. We’d all been chatting and the conversation had been nice, cosy even. I had almost forgotten Rebecca’s jibes earlier on. When Alice left the room to visit the bathroom I didn’t feel in the slightest bit uncomfortable. That was until that expression crossed her face again. “Oh no,” I thought, “can’t she even manage one single evening of being ok?” 

“Well, isn’t this nice?” Rebecca said, drawing out every word and sighing at the end for affect. “A lovely, little chat between us all. I even thought it was going to start getting deep and meaningful. Would you have liked that? Would you have liked to chance to share your untold secrets?”
“Certainly not, I don’t think this is the time of the place to bare our souls actually. And I’m pretty sure I’d prefer you not to be in the room if I did.” I felt a rush of satisfaction. My tone had meant business. Her eyes gave away a look of annoyance and I knew I’d got to her, even if I also knew she’d bounce back pretty quickly. And she did.

“Ah, Alice, you’re back,” she said with a sideways glance over to me. “We were just talking, I’m pretty sure you’d be interested in this.” Both sets of eyes were upon me as the awkward silence sat between us all. “Well, what were you just saying about wanting to be a woman?” “I wasn’t saying that at all…” “Well, ok, maybe not being one exactly but you were just saying how sexy you thought it would be.” 

Before I could get a word of protest in Alice threw her head back and laughed. It was a delighted giggle that preceded a warm and excited smile that was flashed over towards me. I couldn’t disagree even if I wanted to, this seemed to please Alice no end. “I KNEW it!! There’d always been something about you that made me think you’d have made a better woman. Aaaww honey, why didn’t you tell me before, it’s me, I wouldn’t have minded?” I still had a chance to deny it at this point but as the words were on my lips Rebecca grabbed the moment and jumped up. “I think we need to do something about this little dream of yours!”

It was all happening in such a confused rush but the thought crossed my mind quickly that I now had the chance to tell Alice on our own, to tell her that this was just a stupid game of Rebecca’s. Alice squealed again. “It was your eyebrows.” I looked quizzically back at her. “Your eyebrows are always so neat, I had a feeling that you probably shaped them. These little signs say a lot you know.” She winked, but sweetly. My mouth opened and I went to speak but nothing came to mind and I was silent. I didn’t do anything to my eyebrows, she was wrong. So why was everything else with her feeling so right? Her acceptance of me felt like coming home, her assertions that she knew felt like the truth. 

The feelings were brought back to reality with a jolt by the ever present Rebecca - coming back into room with an armful of clothes and make-up and some curling tongs resting on the very top. I had quite longish hair, surely she didn’t mean to style it did she? By the look on her face anything was possible. I tried to make some noises of protest but even Alice was carried away now. They both dived into the pile of clothes and chattered away at what was going to look best on me. 

It seemed inevitable and my heart raced. What would they start with? What would they do to me? 

Alice was the first to come over to me. She had a pink scarf in her hand and she gently said she wanted to see if it matched my skin tone. She lightly brushed the silk against my cheek and I barely covered the sharp intake of breath at the feel of it. My skin was alive with the sensation and I wanted to feel it all over me. “I think this is definitely your colour,” Alice whispered. “Now I know exactly what to do.” She smiled kindly at me as she reached for the make-up box.

As gently as she had touched my cheek with the scarf, she started to cover my skin with foundation. Her soft and feminine movements made me feel so relaxed and safe. It was like being nurtured, like being her lovingly crafted creation. She brushed powder and blush onto my skin with the same tenderness. It must have taken 10 minutes for her to almost complete her work on me and the affect on me was contradictory. Part of me felt in a dreamy state at being given so much gentle attention, the other part of me felt tingling all over with sexual excitement. I felt I was becoming alluring and sensual, the essence of womanhood coming from within.

As the smooth, moist feeling of lipstick being applied signalled the end I  looked at Alice’s intense face. She was concentrating so hard on my beauty and it was so endearing. I felt less masculine, less inhibited, so I leant over to her and gave her a kiss on her mouth. I wasn’t expecting the different sensation of her lipstick meeting mine but it made me want to lick my lips. 

“Pretty,” said Rebecca, looking over from the corner of the room. My hackles were back up again. I hated this intruder being here at this moment between Alice and me. She stood up and walked over. “So, it’s time to strip the old you away even further, don’t you think?” She gestured her hand to get me to stand up. It was aggressive and demanding and my natural reaction was to stay put. She leant over the chair at me. “How are we supposed to help you when you won’t help yourself?” she shouted. Alice went to intervene but Rebecca carried on forcefully. “You look like a man in those clothes. And you’re not…end of! So why don’t you step out of this fa├žade and let us give you the chance to blossom.” She started to unbutton my shirt and I instinctively slapped her hand away with rage at her crossing the line. Her reaction was as quick and as instinctive as she slapped me across the face. We both stared at each other, stock still. Hers was a stance of defiance and mine was of apprehension. 

Alice stepped forward to stroke my cheek where I’d been slapped. “Ssshh you two.” She kissed where I was sure there was a red mark. “We just want to bring you out of yourself,” she whispered as she took my hand to raise me to standing. With Alice’s slow and gentle touch I felt less pressured as she undressed me. But Rebecca’s command was over us all and I felt confused as to whether it was Alice I was submitting to or Rebecca’s bullying.

As I stood before them I felt a pang of foolishness. I was different to them and craved the feeling of belonging, even catching myself flicking my eyes over to the clothes that had been chosen for me. Between them they held dresses up against me to see what looked best. Inside, my yearning was for something sexy but I daren’t voice this still.

The dress they chose was black and slinky. It was Alice’s, I recognized it. The soft, smooth material that had touched her skin was now going to touch mine. “So what lingerie do you normally wear to go with this then?” Rebecca said picking up a black basque. “Easily my favourite,” Alice smile, “and the most expensive!”

Rebecca stretched the basque around me and stood behind me to fasten it tight. I knew she’d claim that job. She pulled on the ties and enjoyed her moment of control as I gasped at the constriction. Alice, meanwhile was at my feet prompting me to step into a black pair of panties. She slid them up my thighs and I realized that she was going to touch my cock as she got to the top. Any arousal was out of the question as my basque was forcefully fastened at that precise moment. 

Alice reached over for a pair of sheer stockings. “To emphasize your pretty legs.” With one foot on the side of my chair, she smoothed the stocking on and connected it to the straps on the basque. I looked down at my slender, long leg encased in such light, shimmering nylon. If I had been brave enough in front of my creators I would have reached down to stroke myself. Alice dressed me in the other stocking with the same care. 

“What do we do about shoes?” said Alice looking me up and down. “I doubt we’ve the right size between us.” Rebecca picked up some black, strappy stiletoes. “They’ll be a bit small, be hey, you have to suffer for beauty, wouldn’t you agree?” This was directed at me. I was surprised by my slight nod of the head to her. I looked away immediately after so as not to see her gloat. The shoes pinched as I stepped into them but the feeling of growing and being elevated was palpable. It felt right given that I was feeling so alluring in new and unexpected ways.

“And now for the dress,” said Alice as she steadied me stepping into it. The soft fabric felt alien, it was both revealing and liberating at the same time. Rebecca did up the zip while Alice smoothed the dress down, skimming my new waist and my hips. They both examined their work. I wanted their approval and searched their expressions for signs. They turned to each other and smiled - the relief to me was strange and welcome. 

“And now for the finishing touches,” said Rebecca as she picked up her curling tongs. Alice sat me back down on the chair and took my hand, placing it on the armrest. Then placing a bottled of deep, rose coloured nail polish next to her, she started to paint my nails as Rebecca curled my mop of hair into tumbling waves. There was silence between us as they attended the completion of my transformation. The only communication was by touch. 

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Steamy Stories - The Farmer's Daughter

I had worked at Jackton Farm since I was 18, some 10 years ago now. Ever since I'd been there, I'd had my eye on Alicia, the farmer's daughter. She was the same age as me, but for a couple of weeks, and we were so close that we even celebrated birthdays together. 

But try as I might, and despite the obvious chemistry between us, I had never had the chance to screw her. Boyfriends, her ever-present father, her endless stream of friends - all had stood between me and her sweet, firm body. 

But a rare chance came up one summer's evening after I'd just finished up work. I was far out of sight of the farmhouse and seemed to be on my own. Hot and sweaty, I pulled off my shirt. Lying down on the grass, I originally meant only to stretch out and relax for a moment. But then thoughts of Alicia and what she'd looked like earlier flashed through my mind. Her top barely had contained her plentiful chest and her nipples, hardened, could be seen in almost every detail.

I slipped my hand down to my cock and began stroking myself. Pushing down my pants, I took a quick glance around me to make sure I really was alone. Yep, all clear. I carried on tugging on my dick while in my mind, my tongue was licking those gorgeous nipples, my mouth sucking in as much tit as I could. I was fully hard and pumping my shaft rapidly now. It was surprising that I even heard the rustle in the grass. Maybe, secretly, a part of me was pleased? But I certainly gave a start when I looked up and saw Alicia staring down at me. 

We both remained still for a while; her smiling and me open-mouthed and full of a mixture of anticipation and angst. Would she slap me or (dare I think it) join me? Continuing to remain silent, she gave me her answer  when she lifted her top and pulled it over her head. Her bra strained to contain her tanned, bouncing breasts. She tossed her top to one side. Then, as she knelt down beside me, her hands reached to her bra straps and she let her tits go free. 

The moment her top half was bare she kissed me hard. Her tongue reached into my mouth and nearly took my breath away. Without thinking I felt for her tits and the softness of her silk-like skin was everything I'd hoped it would be. This seemed to be her cue to reach down to my cock and take over where I'd left off. 

Her technique was assured - she'd done this before! Her firm grip kept bringing me to the edge before she'd stop to let her long, elegant fingers gently glide over my balls. As she kissed me, her mouth started to move down to my chest. I had dreamed of the sight of her soft lips wrapped around my cock so I was hardly going to stop her. But I also knew that pretty much the moment she sucked my dick I was going to explode. 

Her fluttering kisses continued their journey down my stomach. As she moved, her ass came into reach and I instinctively reached for it. Running my hands over her curves, I lifted her skirt and felt inside her panties. Jerking off my dick had clearly been turning her on as she was dripping wet. She moaned as my finger slid inside her pussy. I pulled her panties down and she couldn't wait to be liberated from them as she arched her back as I exposed her, leaning forwards with her mouth over my dick and her legs open as if willing me to reach up my tongue and lick her swollen little clit. 

I tapped the side of her hip gently to encourage her to straddle my mouth. I looked up at the glorious sight of her shaven slit coming down to greet me as she took my entire length into her mouth at the same time. That was all the prompting I needed. I circled her clit gently to get her started - her guttural moan showed she liked it. Running my tongue up and down and round her clit to the rhythm she was sucking me off seemed to bring about just the right momentum, the right harmony. Her scent betrayed  her deep state of arousal and I knew I had nothing to fear from blowing my load soon. 

And that was definitely going to happen. With both hands free, she was stroking my balls, the base of my cock and caressing the inside of my thighs. The spasms of pleasure were threatening to tip me over the edge at any moment. At that moment the movement in her hips started to quicken. I didn't even need to lick her pussy, she was grinding her cunt over my tongue to bring herself to orgasm. With the energy of urgency, her lips closed tightly around my cock and she rapidly bobbed her head up and down.

I felt the warm rush of my climax rise up in me and I shot my load deep into her hot, sweet mouth as she sucked and lapped away. As I came the spasms of her own fluttered against my lips as she sighed at her explosion of ecstasy. As the last of my orgasm pumped into her mouth I opened my eyes to get another look at her beautiful cunt. I licked away her sticky juices as she giggled at the tickling sensation. 

I thought to myself that we had the makings of a regular fixture here. Maybe next time I'd get to fuck her.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Feminized by my best friend - from black tie to evening gown

I arrived at my friend Robert’s house in black tie, ready for the formal dinner we were attending. He and his wife Nicole would be coming with me but it was really my evening. I’d had the success at work recently and Robert, while he’d done well, was lagging behind somewhat. It hadn’t always been this way mind, he’d been the bright star in our years together and university and had been lauded as the top guy in the company originally. But I’d really grown in confidence, come out of my shell and started to surpass all expectations of me. I just hoped Robert would be able to get past his obvious jealousy and we’d get back to being good friends again. Maybe this evening could help? 

We stood awkwardly in the living room waiting for Nicole, exchanging pleasantries. At last she came down looking resplendent in a red, satin dress, strappy heels and with her hair in a sophisticated sweep. Robert stood taller as she appeared, swelling with pride and loving his moment to have one over on me. Nicole was beautiful and while I’d done well at work, I’d yet to find much success with women. He was right, I was jealous. 

We spent much of the beginning of the evening exchanging pleasantries which felt strange for three people who knew each other so well. The colleagues congratulating me can’t have gone down well. At times I was sure I saw Robert and Nicole exchange strange glances when someone else came over to talk to me. At other times, particularly as the evening wore on and the wine flowed, I was sure that I saw Nicole push Robert forward to join in my conversations. She was certainly doing her bit to schmooze in his behalf - and was charming everyone she spoke to. I had to remember that she wasn’t mine and to not stare at her gorgeous flirtations. The way she cocked her head, twirled her hair and stroked her neck as she talked was starting to give me a boner. 

Robert must have been aware of this because he suddenly went over to her and kissed her as if claiming her in front of everyone. They smiled at each other but he had me in the corner of his eye that’s for sure. I began to feel a little uncomfortable about travelling home in the cab with them. Something wasn’t quite right. 

Travelling back in silence, as the cab drew up outside of their house I felt a lurch of shame as I realised I was relieved to see them go. However, I felt this too soon as Robert turned to me and announced that they had a bottle of champagne inside. “It’s specially for you and your success! We’ve been saving it for you.”

I had no option but to accept. I reluctantly went inside the house and tried to put on my best fake smile as they popped the cork. Three less sincere people you could not hope to have seen. It wasn’t helped by Nicole then walking over to Robert and sitting on his knee, stroking his hair and then kissing him. Seemed a bit rude to me and I didn’t know where to look - pretty hard given that there were sat right next to me. Nicole turned to me smiling and half apologized, half oozed satisfaction. “I’m so sorry, but I can’t resist a man in black tie,” she purred as she stroked Robert’s hair. 

A very half-hearted conversation started up but to my horror I realised that Robert had started to feel Nicole’s nipples through the silky material of her dress. She clearly hadn’t been wearing a bra - like I’d miss that - and he started to push her dress to one side and expose her breast. I tried to look away but mostly because I didn’t want to betray how turned on I was to see her smooth, pale skin being bared. 

“Don’t turn your head away,” Nicole said, “I was hoping you were going to lick my nipple, you look like you have such a gentle touch.” I flushed bright red and said nothing. They were toying with me and I had no idea where they were going with this. She faced me, parting her legs and lifting her dress up slowly. “Maybe you’d prefer to run your tongue over my wet pussy instead?” My eyes instinctively were drawn to look down between her legs. I instantly averted my eyes to rectify this but it was too late - they’d seen me. 

Nicole laughed. “So, you’re not man enough to take a woman that’s on offer to you then?” I was aware all of a sudden that Robert was smugly grinning at me. “Maybe, darling,” he whispered in Nicole’s ear as he ran his fingers over her pussy, “he’s not a man at all.” Nicole arched her back as she submitted to his touch. Her eyes closed she let out a satisfied sigh. Every cell in my body wanted to feel her warm juices on my fingers and to slide them into her hot, waiting cunt. I wanted to pull her away from Robert and lay her down on the floor and fuck her with all the vigour and passion that was boiling in my veins right now. Had I missed my chance? Had the chance ever existed? And what had Robert meant by asking whether I was a man at all? Of course I was, I wanted to screw his wife ‘til my jizz came out her ears, I’d say that made me a man. 

As if they’d heard the thoughts that were running through my head, they turned their attentions back to me. “Look at him,” Robert said, “he’s more like your little friend than a best pal to me. I certainly never imagined a real man being able to  turn down a beautiful woman like you. So maybe he‘s more like a girl.” “Ooooh yes,” said Nicole laughing, “ he’s like my shy, girlfriend. Maybe he secretly wants to be like me.” 

I was livid and offended - and yet still I sat there. Words swirled around my head, protestations were straining to get out but I couldn’t trust myself to sound as I wanted. I was humiliated and my emotions were running out of control. 

“Maybe we should see what he looks like dressed in my beautiful gown,” said Nicole as she leaned in close to my face. She cupped my chin in her hand and planted a kiss on my lips, transferring her lipstick (lipstick that matched the colour of her dress) onto me. I could feel the moistness on me and smell the slightly perfumed scent. It made me slightly giddy so I wasn’t at first aware of her removing my jacket and bowtie. I pulled back with a start when she started to undo my buttons but she took no notice of me. Naked now on the top half, Robert ordered me to stand so that I could be fully stripped.

At the sound of his voice, I snapped back into reality. My best friend, closest ally but most fierce competitor was going to see my cock. I felt vulnerable and ashamed - particularly as I knew that I still had a semi erection from Nicole kissing her lipstick onto my mouth. That shouldn’t have turned me on, should it? Nicole stripped the last of my clothes away and I stood before them as they scrutinized my body. “See,” said Robert, “he’s quite delicate really isn’t he?” He smiled at my discomfort at his comment. 

Nicole brushed her hand gently over my cock. “It seems he likes the idea of being my best girlfriend. Look at his little dick getting all excited.” She wrapped her elegant fingers all the way round the length of my cock and started to rhythmically jerk me off until I was rock hard. “Aww, I think that’s all he can manage Robert,” she said to her husband. “Well the good news there is, his tiny dick will hardly ruin the look of the dress will it?” Robert replied. 

At this, he stepped forward to help his wife off with the dress and I looked in awe at her perfect, toned body. She was magnificent. It was not lost on me that right now, only she and I were naked. A glimmer of hope made me think that I was going to be invited to touch her, or even fuck her, again. She shook the dress out in front of her and then moved over to me. Leaning down, she put the dress by my feet and asked me to step into it. I could barely move for a moment. The moment I stepped into that dress I was no longer a man, I was the girlfriend she kept calling me. 

It felt like was about to lose my cock, my ability to fuck a woman and my identity. They were controlling my mind and body and shaping me into someone completely different. I felt the smooth satin brush up my legs and glide across my cock. Even the feeling of it across my chest made me start to feel like I had breasts. I didn’t have the same curvy shape of Nicole of course and so she had to pull tight on the zip to do the dress up fully. It only added to my sense of being trapped in this woman’s body now. 

If I thought that I’d felt nervous before, what she did next made my stomach leap. She had diamante earrings in, that had emphasised her elegant neck and had shimmered in the light all evening. She reached up and undid them both and it confirmed to me that they were for pierced ears. Surely, she wasn’t going to try to put them on me. “Who could wear a dress like that without accessorizing sweetie?” I gasped as my worst fears were realised. She brought the first earring up to the side of my head and placed it against my ear lobe. I braced myself for excruciating pain but as she punctured my skin, I felt a slight stabbing. It was in. She repeated this on the other side. I couldn’t resist bringing my hand up to feel how different I was, to check if there was any blood. “Check yourself out darling,” Nicole purred at me, “like any fashion conscious girl would.” 

“There,” Nicole squealed spinning round to look at Robert, “doesn’t she look fantastic.” “Horny as all hell,” he sneered, “in fact I might just have a grab of that gorgeous butt.” He slapped my behind before squeezing my ass. I closed my eyes as the shame washed over me again. All my career efforts had gone to waste as here I was - back to being the pathetic friend again. More fit for being a friend to his wife than to Robert himself. 

Nicole ran her hands over my waist. It wasn’t a sensual feeling, it was more of an affectionate one. She leant in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Maybe you’d like to brush my hair for me,” she smiled as she let her hair fall about her shoulders. She reached into her bag and pulled out a brush for me to use. I wasn’t sure what to do of course, I’d hardly had to brush a woman’s hair before, but she suddenly sat on the floor and pulled my hand to gesture that I should do the same. Awkwardly I sat on the floor with her as she faced towards Robert, who was now sitting in a chair in front of us. 

I started to brush her soft, gleaming hair with slow strokes. She cocked her head to one side and I could see her long, lean neck right in front of me. I had to suppress the feelings of wanting to kiss her. I was being watched closely by Robert and I was not supposed to be feeling like a man anymore. Sensing the tingling in my cock had returned, Robert dropped down to the floor with us and pulled Nicole forward so that she was lying down.

Her head was now against my cock and the silky material was all that was between us and stopped skin from touching skin. He parted her legs and buried his head in her cunt. Her head rolled and pressed against me even more. “Stroke my hair,” she panted and guided my hand to running my fingers through her hair. An outside image of this scene suddenly flashed into my mind. She had the two men at either end of her - both college friends. One was licking her pussy and making her moan and open her legs wider. The other was dressed in her satin evening gown and was stroking her hair as if a girlhood friend. I felt revulsion. 

It was revulsion wasn’t it? I had hardly had much success with women in the past and now I began to wonder if they’d always known I wasn’t man enough, that I couldn’t give them what Robert was giving Nicole now. Robert slid his way up Nicole’s body and was now lying directly on top of her. She smiled and panted with the anticipation. His head was right between my legs now as I cradled Nicole’s head in my groin. I was going to pet her while he fucked her in my lap. I wasn’t sure that it seemed to wrong any more. 

Robert started to thrust into her with quick, firm strokes. She already seemed to be only barely aware of her surroundings as she was so enraptured with his love making. It was my job to make her feel cared for and special by stroking her long, beautiful hair. He was the one who was going to bring her to ecstasy. 

As he pounded Nicole faster and faster, I almost felt as if the rocking movement would make me cum too as the fabric of my dress was rubbing the tip of my cock. I didn’t have the time as Nicole let out a cry to signify her sweet release and she came loudly and hard. I wiped the sweat from her brow as I looked at her satiated expression. I have never made a woman look like that before. Robert pumped his climax into her as he looked with pride down at how he’d made her feel. 

As they lay in each other’s arms I slid myself from under them both and went to get the half drunk bottle of champagne and poured us all another glass each. As I came back towards them they raised themselves up to sit on the couch, Robert to the left and a space to the right of Nicole. I sat next to her - knowing my new place.  

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Forced feminisation - shaved and pretty

My friend Octavia was a tall and commanding woman. We’d met at college and had always intimidated me a little. Well, a lot actually! And I wasn’t the only one. Every man she met would shrink and freeze as she looked down on him and fixed him with her steely, blue-eyed gaze. Her long, dark hair gave her an air of femininity and she was certainly curvaceous enough to be a turn on. But not many men dared to approach her for a quick fuck, I can tell you! 

I’d always seen her on a regular basis but lately we’d been seeing more of each other on account of her just splitting up with her boyfriend. Most of us had joked that he’d managed to escape her clutches at last, but to be honest I don’t think that was too far from the truth. So, she had a lot of time on her hands and I was often called upon to amuse her. And this particular Saturday night, I got to find out just what sort of entertainment she enjoyed. 

We had been out and had a little too much to drink and ended up back at her apartment. She poured me a drink but there was something restless about her. She started to talk about being frustrated and how much in need of a screw she was. Being drunk of course I was incredibly tempted, but even then, her domineering presence made me think twice. She sat down next to me. “So, are you getting much?” she asked? “Er, no I guess I’m not having as much fun as I should be,” I half laughed back. She fixed me with that solid gaze of hers and replied, “You’re too soft. Women walk all over you.” 

I tried to make a joke of it and politely mumbled that she was probably right. But there was no probably about it, she was spot on. I was weak and shy and Octavia knew it. “I bet I could have my wicked way with you if I wanted to.” She leaned in close to me. She placed her hand on my cheek and softly but authoritatively held my face in place as she kissed me. Her tongue went straight in and I felt pinned back without her actually exerting any pressure on me. 

I thought she might stop then, that she’d proved her point. But she carried on kissing me as I felt her hand starting to slide down to my groin. She firmly ran her hand over my cock and I instantly started to jump to attention. My fear started to turn to excitement and I had thoughts of sucking on those beautiful big tits of hers. I reached my hand up to touch her breasts but she stopped me. “Not what I had in mind for you,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “I didn’t imagine you acting like a man.” She paused and cocked her head to one side, “so let’s not pretend that you are.” 

I stared back at her, trying to hide my confusion. What could she possibly mean? And why was she eyeing me like she was… well... like she was assessing me? “Come,” she said as she stood, abruptly. She walked towards the door of her bedroom and before I knew what I was doing, I was following her. 

Once stood in her room, I glanced around. It was a surprisingly ’girly’ room for her, much more so than I imagined. She stood in front of me, that extra height that she had over me suddenly meaning more than it ever had. I figured that she was going to start kissing me again or that she was going to push me onto the bed. I felt my cock stir. Terrified though I was, I realised that the idea of this strong, powerful woman riding my dick to sweet bliss had its advantages! 

She stepped in close and started to unbutton my shirt. “Hmm, hairy chest,” she said, neither seeming put off nor pleased.  It was a statement of fact but that one that seemed to need dealing with for some reason. She peeled off my shirt and quickly followed with the rest of my clothes until I was stood naked before her. All the while she circled me, like a hawk watching its prey. She had plans for me. 

“Lie down on the bed,” she commanded me. As I did so, she straddled me. “Raise your arms above your head.” She ran her fingers all the way down my body and slowly caressed my cock. Placing her hand firmly round me, she started to jerk me off as I grew harder. “There’s a good girl,” she said smiling. It brought me up sharp. What could she mean? 

Swinging her leg aside, she stepped off the bed and went into the bathroom. I heard her clattering around and wondered what she was looking for. Instinctively, my arms came down to cover my body. I felt scared and exposed again.

She came out, that calm and ruthless smile on her face again and a bowl of water in her hand. “Now,” she said, “time to make you even prettier my darling.” Sitting astride me again, the bowl of water placed on the bedside table, she then showed me what she was going to do to me. She produced her shaving foam and razor, “We need to make you nice and smooth like the pretty little peach you are. Raise your arms again.”

She started with my chest. She covered me with the shaving foam and then gently started to take off all the hair. It felt cool with a little stinging, a tightness starting to grow all over my skin. She would wash me as she went along and I looked down to see the fresh, soft skin I had forgotten I had. Her movements were delicate, loving almost, but I didn’t dare to protest or move. 

Once my chest was smooth, she breathed in to show her satisfaction and tossed her hair back. Then leaning down to my lips, she placed a light kiss on my mouth and then moved to my neck, progressing to my hairless chest. My cock stiffened again as I felt every tiny kiss and lick of her tongue on my skin and nipples. Her pussy was pressed against my dick and she rubbed back and forth. Looking up she said,” We’re like 2 lesbians aren’t we? Pressing our cunts together.” Without even thinking, my legs parted slightly at the thought of my cunt touching her. 

“Oh no, sweet-tits,” she said as she stroked my nipples. “Your little wet pussy isn’t ready for me yet.” She reached for the razor again and with one hand over my wrists to hold my arms in place, she started to shave my armpits. I tensed at the sensation and she sternly told me to stay still, “You have much more to go through yet.” 

When she was done, she reached down to make sure that I was still hard and slid down on my smooth body. Placing her lips over the tip of my cock, she teased me with light, flickering movements. I sighed and was surprise how high my voice seemed all of a sudden. I looked down to meet her eyes to see them glinting back at me. I was becoming the woman she wanted me to be. This was forced feminization - so why did I feel so willing to transform? 

Moving further down me, she started to shave my legs. She was thorough and precise, my feminization became her craft. When she was at the top of my thighs, she continued to tease my cock with the gentle flicks of the tongue that made me feel she was licking my clit. 

“And now we’re nearly done. Just one more part of you to make beautiful“, she said. Without knowing it, this was the part I  was waiting for. She stood up, still on the bed and towered over me. She peeled off her clothes, one piece at a time until she was stood with only her tiny thong left, her large and firm breasts mesmerizing me. She placed her hands beneath the strings on her panties and pulled them down to reveal her shaven, perfect cunt. Climbing back down to lie on top of me, she whispered into my ear, “Do you want to have a pretty, naked pussy like mine?” Barely able to form a yes, I nodded at her, my eyes wide with anticipation. 

She got to work on me. She shaved me until I was totally exposed and smooth and able to feel the slight, cool breeze against my skin. She kissed every inch of my stomach and inside my thighs and again, I couldn’t stop myself from spreading my legs and submitting to her wishes. She licked my balls and to me it was her kissing my cunt lips. She sucked on my cock and I imagined myself getting wet at her nibbling on my clit. 

“Ok, one last thing before I fuck you.” She went to the bathroom once more, her confident strides setting off her shapely ass. This time I knew what she was going to come back with. Armed with her make-up, she made me sit up on the bed. I could smell the unfamiliar smell of the cosmetics as she applied them, the blush tickling me as she skimmed the brush across my cheeks and the lipstick moistening my lips as she asked me to pout for her. 

“Now, do you want to see how pretty you are?” She stood up and moved a full length mirror over to the side of the bed. “Stand and behold, you gorgeous, little bitch.” Hesitant, I stood and slowly raised my head. I looked in amazement at my smooth, pale skin. I was red where she had shaved me, but I also seemed to have a shimmering glow about me. I had become all that I was meant to be. Her hands caressed me as I drank in the wonder of my feminine beauty. 

“Trouble the only thing ruining it is your boner. But we can soon see to that can’t we?” Her last gift to me was to reach into her lingerie draw and pull out some red, satin panties and bra. “Put them on.” I needed no further instruction. I wanted to dress for her and please her. For me to be pretty in her eyes was my sole purpose and nothing else existed.

I stood before her, aching to have her grab me and kiss me. She placed her hands around my waist and, without warning, she kissed me passionately and her tongue reached deep into my mouth. Her hands caressed my ass and she rubbed her pussy against mine. 

“Get on the bed,” she ordered me, “it’s time for a little first time lesbian loving for you.” I lay down and she immediately pinned me down. “Open your legs for me.” She placed her cunt against me and I could feel my shaven skin touch the satin. “My cunt is going to make your tight little cunt come.” Pressing down on me, she started to move back and forth. I could feel her wetness through the material and she started to moan as she rocked on me. She started to build up her pace and her breasts were bouncing as she moved. I felt my pleasure mounting as our hips were grinding together in time. I knew my release was near and it was going to be the best orgasm I ever had. 

I licked my painted lips as my climax took over me. I let out a high pitched cry as my sweet cunt spasmed and came at the same time as hers. Wet and satisfied, I relished the feeling of my soaked panties clinging to my skin. Octavia placed a kiss on my lips. “Good girl,” she assured me, “good girl.”

Thursday, 4 March 2010

He Fucked Me Doggy Style - and it was the 1st time I’d done it that way

I had always been a bit of a shy girl and even into my mid twenties had not had many boyfriends or sexual experiences. But while I was a bit green, it didn’t mean I wasn’t curious. I had always wondered about what other people were doing and secretly hoped I would get the chance to explore as many explicit pleasures as possible. 

When I met Paul I thought he might be the one to help me fulfil my fantasies. He didn’t say much but he always had that glint in his eye, sex with him was always felt like a guilty pleasure. Of course being shy, I didn’t have the confidence to tell him what I wanted to try but he always seemed to lead me to it. He instinctively knew what I wanted. I can remember the thrill of when I first got to suck him off. I had so wanted to know what it was like to have a cock in my mouth and to taste his hot load in my throat. The same for me wanting to know what it was like to have my cunt licked. I had never known such heavenly pleasure as when he parted my pussy lips and ran his tongue firmly over my clit for the first time. 

He was showing me a whole new world but I still hadn’t the confidence to ask for what I truly wanted. I just had to hope that he realised how much I wanted him to fuck me from behind. The thought of bending over and having all that ecstasy given to me while I’m leaning forwards and unable to see anything drives me wild and would make me wet between my legs. This always led to me fingering my cunt at the idea. I would stick my ass in the air and part my legs, imagining I was offering myself to him. Reaching up to my pussy, my fingers would get to work and before long I was imagining him thrusting hard into me as I moan and gyrate my hips. 

It was while I was doing this one day that he caught me - leading to my dreams coming true. He walked in to find my flicking myself off: I was already in position and moist for the taking! He stared at me for a while and took in every inch of exposed ass and cunt. Then walking over, he ran his finger over my wetness and I shuddered with delight. 

Reaching into his pants, he pulled out his rock hard cock. I felt the tip against my pussy lips and froze in excited anticipation of what was to happen. He tightly held my hips in place as he slid his dick all the way into me, all the way down to his balls. I let out a moan. I had never felt to completely filled and every inch of my cunt was responding to being so stretched. I closed my eyes and succumbed to his slow movements behind me. I could hear his heavy breathing and knew that he had wanted this as much as I had. 

After a few slower thrusts, he started to build up a pace and I loved it. It was everything I’d hoped for. He slammed into me and I rocked my hips as he did so. I wanted every inch of him in me to make me tingle, to bring my pussy lips alive as they’d never been before. I let myself go and was calling out his name with every thrust of his dick, clutching the bed and arching my back as high into the air as I could manage. 

He was pounding me to the biggest climax I’d ever experienced and I was letting him know I was ever closing to coming my sweet pussy off! He gripped my hips tighter and his thrusting was quicker and deeper now. His balls were slapping my clit with his movements which started me trembling as my orgasm approached. I knew he was nearly ready to explode inside me too and I could feel the urgency within him. 

With my face pressed into the bed, I screamed out my ecstasy as it took over my whole body and as I came I felt my boyfriend pump his climax into me too with one last strong and firm thrust.  

As we pulled away from one another and lay down on the bed with our glistening bodies beside one another, I started to imagine what the next fantasy I would be ‘demonstrating’ to him 

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Forced Feminization by My Demanding Neighbours

My neighbours were always socialising with the other people on my street. I would see them turn up for dinner parties and drinks gatherings feeling a mixture of envy and fear. While I would love to be like these beautiful, confident people I was not good socially. Shy and awkward, I would stand out if I was to go. Not that I had been invited of course. I smiled and waved to my neighbours but rarely spoke to them and kept a comfortable distance.

It was David that I felt more comfortable with. He was tall and well built with a sophisticated air, but always open and polite enough. But Claudia was a different story. Elegant and feminine in her dress, her manner was assertive and in control and slightly aloof. I saw the way she effortlessly took control of conversations and imagined that, friendly as she was, she was not someone you wanted to get on the wrong side of. She was also, of course, stunning. I find that most powerful women are - they are superior to others and know it.

My comfortable, if cowardly, distance from them both however was not to last. A parcel had been delivered to my house while they were out one morning and now I had to face my fears and take it round to them. I told myself to get a grip. They were only people, all I had to do was to be pleasant to them, hand over their parcel and run back to the safety of my own home! Yet when I saw their car turn into the drive that evening I felt my stomach lurch. What was I so afraid of, I wondered? I didn’t dare even try to think that one through.

Picking up the parcel, I walked over to them and nervously rang the doorbell. Inside I could hear chatting and laughter and for a moment I feared they had company. But then Claudia opened the door and looking straight through I could see only David pouring wine and felt slightly more at ease. I had of course practised what I was going to say in my head. I did of course, stumble over my words as she fixed her beautiful brown eyes on me and smiled. The way that she said thank you to me make me feel like her grateful servant, like it was my duty to do tasks for her somehow. It was an unexpected feeling that only added to my nerves.

“Won’t you join us for a glass of wine?” she said, immediately turning to walk to the kitchen where David was. It was clearly expected that I was going to say yes. I walked in and felt a pang of fear as I closed the door behind me. I was out of my depth already. Claudia put the parcel on the table and I thought I caught a shared look between them. I was too uncertain of myself to dwell on what it might mean.

Glass of wine in front of me, I was now committed to staying. I tried to maintain a cool air of confidence but Claudia talked over the inevitable awkward silences so it was obvious she saw through me. David said little and at first I thought I was imagining the way he stared at me, but it soon became obvious that he had something on his mind - and I was part of it. Eventually Claudia acknowledged him with a knowing smile, before turning to me.

“So, thanks again for dropping off the parcel. I suppose you are wondering what’s inside?” Claudia asked in an uncharacteristically coy manner. “No, no….I hadn’t..” but before I had time to spit out an answer Claudia had begun to tear it open. She pulled out some pink, lacy lingerie and I turned my head away, not wanting to look at such intimate items in front of these relative strangers. Little did I know that it was to get more embarrassing for me. She then pulled out some pink, fluffy handcuffs. Fidgetting in my seat and glowing bright red, I didn’t know where to look or what to say. David and Claudia were cool and calm.

“Have you ever worn handcuffs before?” said Claudia. I attempted a look of nonchalance as I shook my head. “Oooh, what a pity,” said Claudia in a bright and breezy voice, “they’re just your colour too.” She place the handcuffs up against my wrist as if comparing the colour to my exposed skin. “I think secretly he’d probably quite like to try them, don’t you David?” David smiled in the way he had all evening. He knew that my answer was irrelevant, that I was about to allow this to happen anyway. That I was too weak a man to refused how ever much I didn’t want to do it.

Claudia, opened up the handcuffs and placed one my left wrist. The pink covering on it tickled me slightly and because of my heightened senses, I shivered. Claudia, leant in close to me, “ I think he likes it more than he anticipated David. Let’s try him with the other wrist too.” She pulled my hands together and clamped them. I looked at myself from the outside in and felt awash with self-disgust. They were making a laughing stock of me while I went along with it all.

I stood up suddenly. “Well, nice to spend some time with you finally but I really need to be getting on now so I shall get going.” I reached my hands out to Claudia for her to undo the cuffs. She looked a little surprised for a minute, but unfazed. “There’s no rush,” she said quietly but firmly as she stood up and stood beside me. “After all, we’re only just getting to know each other, are we not?” I was just about to insist when David stood up, his chair scraping the floor. He walked over towards me and took Claudia’s place by my side. He was taller than me and his half smile took on a menacing air. There was no threat of violence in his manner. He just let me know that I was to do as I was instructed.

He took my hands and undid the handcuffs, giving me a moment of hope. But immediately that my hands were free, Claudia was stood behind me and removing my jacket and then unbuttoning my shirt. My eyes were wide with fear and David stood with his gaze fixed on me the whole time, letting me know I was to stay put. I was stripped naked and scrutinised. “You’re quite delicate really aren’t you?” said Claudia, “one might even say, feminine.” They both smiled.

Claudia walked round to the parcel again and pulled out a white, silk negligee. “I’d say this was about your size. It‘ll make you look quite sweet, pure” She draped the negligee on the chair next to me. “But first, we need to bring out your true femininity.” She pulled out a white stocking with lacing at the top. With David’s authoritative gaze upon me, I didn’t dare move. Claudia walked over to me, holding the stocking over my cock and letting it gently flick and dangle over me. I flinched at the sensation, not sure if it was out of fear or pleasure. “Feels nice doesn’t it? She said softly, “but you won’t be needing this thing.” She squeezed my cock as she spat out her last word. “Hardly pretty is it?”

She wrapped the stocking around my waist, securing it at the front and leaving some still hanging down at the front. “Open your legs.” I parted my feet slightly and allowed her to pull the rest of the stocking over my cock. She pulled it firmly as it flattened my manhood. As she placed it over my balls and then through my legs I could feel a dull ache as I was bound and covered. Pulling it tighter she tied the stocking at the back, expertly knotting the restraint back up at the waist. The tie pulled into the small of my back as well compressing my cock and balls, which were now practically non existent.

She picked up the negligee from the chair and I compliantly raised my arms to let her dress me. She smoothed down the silk at the front, next to my groin and there was nothing but a flat, feminine shape. David and Claudia looked satisfied with my new look. Claudia tilted her head to one side and looked deep in thought for a moment. There was more she needed to do to me. “Entertain him darling,” she said with a wry smile to David and she left the room. David looked over to where the handcuffs where and back at me. I felt a rush of fear come over me. Somehow, Claudia’s control over me had a feeling of safety, that all would be well as long as I obeyed her commands. David merely wanted to observe my humiliation. He picked up the handcuffs and without so much as thinking I placed my wrists behind my back. He reached around me, standing so close his face was near to mine, and clicked the handcuffs shut.

Claudia walked back into the room. She had in her hand a long, blond wig and what looked to be her make-up box. For a moment I was relieved just to have her back, but then came the realisation of what she was about to do to me. Gesturing to the chair she said, ”take a seat.” I sat down and looked up at her. Smoothing back my hair, she looked at my face as if assessing what needed doing. Then reaching to her make-up she started the final touches of my transformation. I was grateful for the feel of her stroking my skin and touching me as she painted my face. There was a tenderness to her actions but still I dared not disobey her in any way. Unaware of how I looked, the only thing I could see was the end of my eyelashes covered in mascara. She finally pulled out a bright, red lipstick and lightly pulled it across my lips. I could smell and taste it, a smell I’d associated with women for so long but now seemed a natural part of me.

To complete the look, she placed the long blond wig on me and the tickling sensation of the hair about my shoulders made me feel protected somehow, just for a moment. I bent my head down and could hide behind the hair as it fell about my face. But I was not here for my own enjoyment or needs, I was here for theirs. “Stand up,” said Claudia, sharply. “Let’s take a look at you.” Yes,” sniggered David, “give us a twirl.” I stood before them and felt my face flush. I looked down in my shame while also desperately wanting their approval.

“So pretty,” Claudia said as she ran her hands over my buttocks. As she stroked me, the silk moved and shimmered against my body. I was reminded of my cock being bound as there was no sensation of the soft material against my manhood - it wasn’t there. “Now, you be a good girl and get onto your knees,” Claudia instructed me. Without daring to look her in the eye, I dropped to the floor. Standing on front of me, Claudia hitched up her skirt and I could see her long, slim legs adorned in black, stockings. She pulled down her thong and then placed one leg on the chair, her pussy before me. “It takes a girl to know what another girl wants, does it not? Lick my cunt for me.” She pushed her hips towards me and I reached out my tongue, slipping it into the moist slit. She smelt sweet with a faint scent of soap but there was no mistaking the essence of an excited woman. It was my role, may place, to pleasure her and to reward the effort she had put into creating me. She pulled her cunt lips apart as I lapped up her juices and flicked my tongue over her clit.

David walked over to her and cupped her breasts. She turned her head to kiss him passionately and the need to bring her to her climax deepened within me. I pressed my tongue harder against her clit, imagining the feel of it as if it were my own. David held on to her as her orgasm engulfed her and she moaned and cried out with her satisfaction. She pulled away from me and they turned to one another to enjoy their moment, David briefly running his fingers over her wet cunt as she smiled and sighed.

I felt pain in my knees from the hard floor and my slight movement drew their attention back to me. Claudia slowly moved her hand down to David’s cock and I could see that he was now hard. She unzipped him and pulled out his large and proud erection, caressing him lovingly. He strode over to stand in front of me, his large hand at the base of his dick. I looked to Claudia for my next instructions.

“I want you to take his cock, his real man’s cock, in your mouth. I want to see every inch of it slide down your delicate throat and fuck your sweet, cherry red lips.” His other hand now on the back of my head, David placed the tip of his manhood next to my mouth. I’d never even seen a cock this close up before and now I was going to have to suck one off. I opened my mouth and took him in deep. He let out a sigh of satisfaction. It felt surprisingly good; to be giving him so much pleasure made me feel worthy for a moment, his approval a crumb of comfort. I pulled back and saw the trace of my lipstick on his shaft - the mark of my femininity on his hard cock.

I took him into my mouth again and started to quicken my pace as his manhood grew hot and his balls tightened. I wanted to use my hands to help bring him off but the handcuffs were tight and secure behind my back. The pain in my knees and now in my neck was secondary to serving him and giving him what he wanted from me. His hand stroked my long hair and I risked a glance upwards to look at him. His strong stance was masterful even as he drew closer to coming - he was still controlling me. I closed my lips around his dick and worked harder, awaiting his imminent orgasm.

He suddenly grasped the back of my head and thrust his hips forward almost choking me as he pumped his hot load into my mouth. I quickly swallowed the thick cream as he continued to gush the last of his climax down my throat. He enjoyed his moment of power over me as I remained still, his spasming member between my lips. Then, he sighed and pulled out, his spent cock once again before me.

Claudia leaned down to me and cupped my face in her hand to let me know I had done well - they were both gratified. She looked at me in such a way as to let me know that I could stand and as I did the pain in my whole body was so distracting I nearly didn’t realise she was freeing my wrists from the cuffs. She pulled the wig from my head and immediately started to turn her attentions to brushing it and restoring it to a neat condition. Unsure, but wanting to get back to the safety of my own home I started to take off the negligee and reach for my own clothes. I was in a rush to dress while they were apparently not watching and so in my desperation I put my clothes on over my cock bind.

Claudia, with an air of normality turned as if surprised that I was now leaving. “Thank you for dropping the parcel off,” she said with an almost challenging tone in her voice, daring me to admit what had happened between us all. I smiled back and nervously gestured towards the front door.

As I returned to my home I breathed a sigh of relief. But I knew I had yet to confront my image in the mirror and headed straight to look. I stared back at a version of myself - the ruffled hair, the made-up eyes, the red lipstick that was smeared across my used mouth. Along with the shame I felt a pang of pain in my balls. I knew I had to remove the restraint placed on my manhood, to free myself once again. But right now, I didn’t feel man enough to do it.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I watched My Girlfriend Get Fucked Another Man

I’d always felt that I wasn’t good enough for Sally. She was a few years older than me and had a confidence that came from knowing she was gorgeous, sexy and had power over men. The moment we got together I was overcome with feelings of joy at winning over the woman I loved and lusted after but wracked with fears and insecurities that I was never going to be able to satisfy her and keep her happy. Our sex life was great and she always made sure that I gave her what she wanted. I didn’t mind, it was a turn on to be taught by such an experienced woman.

But her appetite for sex was insatiable, more than I could ever fulfil. I knew that she often masturbated with her dildo, eyed up other men even when I was around and talked openly about exes and what they had done to her. It didn’t help the feelings of inadequacy that churned away inside. I particularly worried about her at work. She had gone into a male dominated field with the sole purpose of getting attention and standing out and I knew full well that she would have all of her colleagues lusting after her.

After months of worrying, I could take these thoughts and suspicions no longer and went to surprise her by picking her up. I set out to see if I could catch her talking to her male co workers, to see if she was getting up to the flirting and teasing I had spent hours imagining. I parked the car and waited for her to come out. She was one of the last to leave and eventually she appeared - but not alone. Laughing, tilting her head and tossing her long hair to one side, I knew instantly that she was hot for the guy she was with. His body language reciprocated. They stood there talking, standing close to one another and I knew that she hadn’t seen me. I needed to do something to stop this, to make a claim on my own girlfriend. But I felt I didn’t have the right - I was out of the picture, an intruder. I sat and watched the whole thing unfold before me.

They paused on the corner and she gave him a fake coy look - her real message was clear. He stepped in closer and put his hand on her waist while she looked up at him and giggled. I felt flushed and sick at the sight, this was clearly not the first time this scene had played out. They were lovers, they had clearly been intimate by the way they touched one another. They both gave a look around them to see if they were being watched and I froze on the spot. No words could help me now so bringing attention to myself served no purpose.

Her colleague took her by the hand and led her into what looked like a quiet alleyway at the side of the building. It was getting darker, everyone had left already and they were pretty much guaranteed privacy. Did I dare to watch? Could I bear to see Sally being kissed, held and caressed by this man? I hated the idea and felt this hatred in the pit of my stomach. But I could not bring myself to drive away and to be separated from her.

I got out of the car, leaving the door slightly open so as not to disturb them. As I did this I thought of what I fool I was, of what I was rapidly becoming. A pathetic wretch that would rather watch his girlfriend cavorting with another than be a man myself. Did it stop me from walking over to them? No. In a trance like state I moved closer to the giggling, the sound of her sweet voice.

As I hid in the shadows nearby to them, I saw that they were already passionate in their kissing. His hands were inside her blouse and feeling her beautiful voluptuous breasts. She sighed and threw her head back as he kissed her neck. Her unbuttoned her blouse, it falling open to for him to feast his eyes on her. Biting her lip and smiling, she reached into her bra and pulled out her tits as if presenting them to him to enjoy. He immediately sucked on her nipples, licking and teasing them erect. As he did this her hands moved down to his cock, pressing her tits together and giving him the full glory of her full cleavage as she did so. She rarely went straight for my dick like that. This guy clearly had more to give her than I did.

He moved his hands to inside her legs and stroked up the inside of the thigh, lifting up her skirt as he did. Sally shivered with the anticipation of her pussy getting some of the action. His hand slid out of my view and her eyes closed with the pleasure of his touch, his fingers sinking into her cunt. He lifted her skirt higher and I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties, that she’d prepared herself for him.

She unzipped him and pulled out his large, stiff cock and her eyes were drawn to the sight of his manhood. I saw her hands stroke his length and her painted nails glistened in the half light. He pressed his mouth to hers as he lifted her leg up and pressed her into the wall. He guided his cock into her pussy and I felt the sensation in my own dick. I was trembling, disgusted and stiffening - my arousal only adding to my shame. He gently slid in and out of her while he fondled the soft flesh of her breasts. She ran her fingers through his hair as she succumbed to him and allowed him the enjoyment of her body.

He started to pump her harder as their passion mounted. Every thrust I felt. I realised I was craving seeing her fucked the way she wanted to be, to be made to come in a way that I could never achieve. I’d never known a woman so sexually alive; this is why I adored her and now I was to see her in her glory. Her guttural moans betrayed me but gratified her true needs.

As she clung on to him, her nails pressed into his back turning him on more, he fucked her hard and made her moans lighter, catching in the back of her throat as he pushed her towards her orgasm. Her eyes were closed and she was flushed, completely absorbed by the pleasure he was giving her. She opened her mouth and let her passion out as she came with a force I had never witnessed in her before. Her cries of joy were long, abandoned and emanated from the centre of her being. He stared into her beautiful eyes as he thrust into her with his own, powerful climax. He stood silent and firm as he savoured the feel of her sweet cunt.

They remained in their embrace for moment and then looked at each and smiled. It was a look of understanding and intimacy and of true lovers. I knew I would never connect with her in that way as I could never fuck her as deeply as he had. As they straightened their clothes, their eyes were fixed upon one another, and he then placed a kiss on her soft lips. I had almost forgotten I was hiding and so jolted when they turned to leave. Not that anything could have broken their moment. They touched and fondled one another, laughing and smiling as I watched them walk away. When they were out of sight, I returned to the car, ready to go home and wait for her to come back to me. I knew she would ask me to fuck her - and I would - but I also knew her lust would come from her desire for him.