Saturday, 9 January 2010

I watched My Girlfriend Get Fucked Another Man

I’d always felt that I wasn’t good enough for Sally. She was a few years older than me and had a confidence that came from knowing she was gorgeous, sexy and had power over men. The moment we got together I was overcome with feelings of joy at winning over the woman I loved and lusted after but wracked with fears and insecurities that I was never going to be able to satisfy her and keep her happy. Our sex life was great and she always made sure that I gave her what she wanted. I didn’t mind, it was a turn on to be taught by such an experienced woman.

But her appetite for sex was insatiable, more than I could ever fulfil. I knew that she often masturbated with her dildo, eyed up other men even when I was around and talked openly about exes and what they had done to her. It didn’t help the feelings of inadequacy that churned away inside. I particularly worried about her at work. She had gone into a male dominated field with the sole purpose of getting attention and standing out and I knew full well that she would have all of her colleagues lusting after her.

After months of worrying, I could take these thoughts and suspicions no longer and went to surprise her by picking her up. I set out to see if I could catch her talking to her male co workers, to see if she was getting up to the flirting and teasing I had spent hours imagining. I parked the car and waited for her to come out. She was one of the last to leave and eventually she appeared - but not alone. Laughing, tilting her head and tossing her long hair to one side, I knew instantly that she was hot for the guy she was with. His body language reciprocated. They stood there talking, standing close to one another and I knew that she hadn’t seen me. I needed to do something to stop this, to make a claim on my own girlfriend. But I felt I didn’t have the right - I was out of the picture, an intruder. I sat and watched the whole thing unfold before me.

They paused on the corner and she gave him a fake coy look - her real message was clear. He stepped in closer and put his hand on her waist while she looked up at him and giggled. I felt flushed and sick at the sight, this was clearly not the first time this scene had played out. They were lovers, they had clearly been intimate by the way they touched one another. They both gave a look around them to see if they were being watched and I froze on the spot. No words could help me now so bringing attention to myself served no purpose.

Her colleague took her by the hand and led her into what looked like a quiet alleyway at the side of the building. It was getting darker, everyone had left already and they were pretty much guaranteed privacy. Did I dare to watch? Could I bear to see Sally being kissed, held and caressed by this man? I hated the idea and felt this hatred in the pit of my stomach. But I could not bring myself to drive away and to be separated from her.

I got out of the car, leaving the door slightly open so as not to disturb them. As I did this I thought of what I fool I was, of what I was rapidly becoming. A pathetic wretch that would rather watch his girlfriend cavorting with another than be a man myself. Did it stop me from walking over to them? No. In a trance like state I moved closer to the giggling, the sound of her sweet voice.

As I hid in the shadows nearby to them, I saw that they were already passionate in their kissing. His hands were inside her blouse and feeling her beautiful voluptuous breasts. She sighed and threw her head back as he kissed her neck. Her unbuttoned her blouse, it falling open to for him to feast his eyes on her. Biting her lip and smiling, she reached into her bra and pulled out her tits as if presenting them to him to enjoy. He immediately sucked on her nipples, licking and teasing them erect. As he did this her hands moved down to his cock, pressing her tits together and giving him the full glory of her full cleavage as she did so. She rarely went straight for my dick like that. This guy clearly had more to give her than I did.

He moved his hands to inside her legs and stroked up the inside of the thigh, lifting up her skirt as he did. Sally shivered with the anticipation of her pussy getting some of the action. His hand slid out of my view and her eyes closed with the pleasure of his touch, his fingers sinking into her cunt. He lifted her skirt higher and I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties, that she’d prepared herself for him.

She unzipped him and pulled out his large, stiff cock and her eyes were drawn to the sight of his manhood. I saw her hands stroke his length and her painted nails glistened in the half light. He pressed his mouth to hers as he lifted her leg up and pressed her into the wall. He guided his cock into her pussy and I felt the sensation in my own dick. I was trembling, disgusted and stiffening - my arousal only adding to my shame. He gently slid in and out of her while he fondled the soft flesh of her breasts. She ran her fingers through his hair as she succumbed to him and allowed him the enjoyment of her body.

He started to pump her harder as their passion mounted. Every thrust I felt. I realised I was craving seeing her fucked the way she wanted to be, to be made to come in a way that I could never achieve. I’d never known a woman so sexually alive; this is why I adored her and now I was to see her in her glory. Her guttural moans betrayed me but gratified her true needs.

As she clung on to him, her nails pressed into his back turning him on more, he fucked her hard and made her moans lighter, catching in the back of her throat as he pushed her towards her orgasm. Her eyes were closed and she was flushed, completely absorbed by the pleasure he was giving her. She opened her mouth and let her passion out as she came with a force I had never witnessed in her before. Her cries of joy were long, abandoned and emanated from the centre of her being. He stared into her beautiful eyes as he thrust into her with his own, powerful climax. He stood silent and firm as he savoured the feel of her sweet cunt.

They remained in their embrace for moment and then looked at each and smiled. It was a look of understanding and intimacy and of true lovers. I knew I would never connect with her in that way as I could never fuck her as deeply as he had. As they straightened their clothes, their eyes were fixed upon one another, and he then placed a kiss on her soft lips. I had almost forgotten I was hiding and so jolted when they turned to leave. Not that anything could have broken their moment. They touched and fondled one another, laughing and smiling as I watched them walk away. When they were out of sight, I returned to the car, ready to go home and wait for her to come back to me. I knew she would ask me to fuck her - and I would - but I also knew her lust would come from her desire for him.

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